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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Saturday at Promise Keepers

We found out first thing that 299 decisions were made for Christ on Friday night, Praise God! I'll definately pray for followup and discipleship for these men.

Saturday morning was a time of teaching by Bishop Joseph Garlington.

He spoke about our hearts and our talents in God's eyes. You can find the notes/outline here.

He urged us to find out what God's will/dream is for us.

He had us ask ourselves 3 questions

What would I do if I had:

1) the time
2) the money
3) no limits and no boundaries???

To be honest I couldn't answer that on the spot at that time, it is something I am still praying and thinking through for God to show me.

He started the 2nd morning session speaking about our talents.

His defination struck me--- that a talent is the God-given ability that a man can steward and multiply.

Other nuggets/things that hit me were:

Fantasies are from the mind and that dreams are from the heart.

A fantasy is a false vision of an impossible goal, that will eventually lead me away from my eternal purpose and waste my God-given resources and talents.

A God-given dream is a positive statement of a future reality in which I can place my confidence and will require me to invest my talents to achieve it.

We had lunch PK style, it is something to behold -- feeding thousands of men in such a short time. We ate outside -- it was warm, but not too bad.

Mark Schultz led us in worship after lunch, he sang one of my favorite choruses - All in All.

Rick Kingham was the 1st of 2 speakers for the afternoon session.

Rick spoke about Power: Relying on God's Spirit to Empower my Life

He defined power as the ability beyond myself to do God's will.

He pointed to John chapters 13-17 (no he didn't read all of it) as the model that I have the opportunity to live as Jesus did.

He described the experience by the 3 E's:

Encounter that leads to humility - we come face to face with God

Engage - community is the training ground of the Spirit to from the likeness of Christ in us

Express -- the credible witness of the reality of Christ to the world

The final afternoon session was led by Dan Seaborn from Winning At Home, he challenged us to live out what we learned this weekend at home and in the workplace.

One of the things that he said that stood out to me was I don't have to be a pastor to be a minister. Hmmmm that's one to chew on too...

Overall, the weekend was great, the emphasis was to go to God as our source and to team up with a small group of men to encourage and hold accountable.

Next year Promise Keepers returns to Mobile June 29th and 30th, so mark your calendars now.


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