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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I've closed on both houses, moved, paid some bills off :). I'm finally settled in at the new house, Sherry and Morgan came up here on the 14th for my best friend's birthday bash. I'm pleased to announced that I passed the inspection :).

I'm involved in a new class at the church about atonement. I am looking forward to applying what the cross has done to my life and walk with the Lord.

This past Sunday, Alan preached on the sanctity of human life, here are the notes. I found an article on James Watkins' site related to euthansia that went well with what Alan preached on.

Things at work are going good, we are getting to the end of an important reporting project that has taken almost a year to accomplish.

I'm also debating about how I want to start adjusting my schedule during the week, I've got bible studies or other things Church related Sunday night thru Thursday night each week. I know definately after the wedding I'll have to cut some of that out.

It looks like now the wedding date is set in stone for April 29th, Sherry is planning some elaborate things.

First though, God has blessed her with a wedding ensemble, a dress, veil, shoes, flower girl basket, ring bearer pillow, with no blemishes for $100.00.

She is now looking at limo rental, bridesmaid dresses, etc.

I was looking to be detached from most of that, but she wants my input on alot of it, which I really don't mind what she picks out, but she's determined that I have a say too :).

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