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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Recent Happenings

Things are crazy as usual. Here are a few updates on what's up lately with me:

House has officially sold. The contract got faxed and signed on 11/14.
Closing will be Dec 28th and moving day is Dec 31st.

Still looking for a new place. It seems that every house I find in my price range in East Montgomery is either zoned for Wares Ferry or Brewbaker Elementary schools, which I have been told perform very poorly. I guess I will try to get my future stepson tested for the magnet school to circumvent this. Sherry is coming up this weekend to go house hunting. The plan is to find a house we both like, and for Sherry to move in after the wedding. I guess I learned the lesson from my first marriage to let her be most of the driving force in the selection of the domicile, LOL.

Sherry has a couple of good job prospects with the State of ALA doing alot of what she already does in her current job. There is a hint of the wedding date being moved up if the job comes thru sooner.

Work has been pretty hectic with the annual budget cycle winding up, but it looks like things are moving slower and easier with that project.

Hopefully we can get the house hunting wrapped up around lunch time so we can watch the Iron Bowl on TV. ROLL TIDE!!!! (sorry Sherry had to get that one in there).

Until next post, same bat-time, same bat-channel.


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