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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Preacher of Tent Revival arrested and fined

Fort Payne, Alabama

An Oklahoma preacher, Dwayne Blue (I wonder if Wade Burleson knows this guy) was arrested and fined for violating the town's noise ordinance during a tent revival. Read about it hereand here.

Here's a quote of what Mr Blue had to say:

"Blue said he’s upset with the arrest. “I’m upset because this is a free country. And when you can come and interrupt somebody praying for revival, praying for our nation, naturally you’re going to be disturbed because you feel like your religious rights are being violated."

“We weren't being radical, we were just praying, and it wasn't a loud prayer. It was just praying closing the services,” he said.

Read about one of the city councilman's reaction and comments here.

I can understand there was a PA used and it was 10:30 at night, but they arrested him during the closing prayers, the revival was wrapping up.

What's next? Are we just going to outlaw tent revivals and on-the street witnessing altogether because somebody might get offended?

What are your thoughts?


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