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Friday, October 21, 2005

Latest Happenings

Sorry I haven't been posting to this regularly, I am still getting the hang of this "blogging" thing. I sm still trying to strike the balance of posting too much personal info vs too little.

Things have been pretty busy and crazy (to go with the theme of the blog LOL)

I went to the Orthopedic surgeon I was referred to, the appt was on the 12th, he recommended surgery, pretty drastic surgery where basically my foot will be broken and reconstructed in right relationship to the ankle. I have scheduled the surgery to be done on December 8th, hopefully I can get all my Christmas shopping done before :). The surgeon told me 3 months in crutches and 4 to 6 months total recovery. I hope to be better by the wedding at the end of April.

Things with the Grove ministry are really picking up. There are a remnant of devoted people that are stepping up to serve in that ministry and I can say I am proud and excited to be serving the Lord with them.

Relationally with Sherry, there are a few things that we are "discussing" (married people know what that means LOL) especially in regards to who is going to move where after the wedding.

There have been some major things going on in relation to my ex-wife Angela, that I won't go into any detail here.

Things at work are ok, just some usual aggravations.

So if you have any room on your prayer lists, you can see I do have a lot in my life going on right now. I promise I'll try to keep this updated more regularly.


  • Fran and I will be praying about you surgery and everything... Knowing that you're as new to blogging as I am I thought you'd find this link helpful. Andrew Jones ( - Alan's Friend) wrote these tips on blogging.

    By Blogger Chris McCorkle, at 11:26 AM  

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