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Friday, October 06, 2006

Halloween and the world

I was reading my regular blogs and bulletins from people I know.

I came across this snippet today:

I can't stand these people who get so upset at Halloween. They think it's all about the devil and witches and goblins and bad things. That it teaches the kids all the wrong morals. Bull-cockey! All the kids want to do is dress up, hang around their friends for a couple of hours, put on a mask and pretend to be someone else! Is that so bad? I argue that it is not. Why? Because the people who don't like Halloween do the exact same thing on Sunday mornings... dress up, hang around their friends for a couple of hours, put on a mask and pretend to be someone else. Oh Snap! Danny's got point there!!!

How do we speak to this in a loving and Christlike manner? Is this what the lost of our world truly think of us?


  • I think that Danny does have a point sadly....... I think maybe I would begin by acknowledging that his last statement is sometimes correct.

    By Blogger Debbie, at 8:01 PM  

  • Yeah... I think you start by acknowledging that Christians aren't always perfect and that it isn't the dressing up and hanging out with your friends that bothers you but the historical heritage of Halloween and what it represents. Just like Christmas and Easter, a large number of Americans a growing number of Americans no longer know why we celebrate - just that it's a good excuse to get gifts and see your family.

    By Blogger Chris McCorkle, at 5:34 AM  

  • I think the guy is completely right on both counts. The Church won't ever be THE CHURCH until it stops pretending and maintaining. Hypocrites we all are- that acknowledgement led us to repentence. Then we forgot and joined a country club.

    Maybe the best way to say it in a loving and Christlike manner is to say it at all.

    By Blogger joe kennedy, at 1:51 AM  

  • I wish you had credited the author and linked to his text.

    By Blogger Nerdbeard, at 6:40 AM  

  • It was a bulletin from one of my friends on MySpace, those aren't really linkable (you have to be their friend to see it) and they expire/delete automatically after a set period of time

    By Blogger Rob, at 9:24 AM  

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